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Improve strength, gain knowledge in olympic weightlifting, learn gymnastics movements in a fun environment with other like minded individuals. 

Our Gym


Our main focus of the gym is community.  We are a group that strive to make each other better inside and outside of the gym.   We offer small class sizes. to focus on individualized attention.   We follow progressive strength overloading and metabolic conditioning to make the most out of every class. The owner is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, therefore proper movement is encouraged before loading is added. If you have a busy lifestyle, we have 30 classes per week to fit your schedule. 


“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome. 

We incorporate all aspects of fitness: olympic lifting, strength training, gymnastics, yoga, and nutritional seminars to cover all aspects of health and wellness 

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Weight Loss

Olympic Weightlifting


Functional Fitness


Athlete Training



    Gym H0urs

    Monday-Friday: 5am – 7:30pm

    Saturday: 10am

    Sunday: 11am

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