Classes & Programs



1 hour classes that include strength progressions or olympic lifting and gymnastics followed by metabolic condidtioning for an overall full body workout. 


Functional fitness programming incorporating strength training, olympic weightlifting, metabolic conditioning in a community centered environment for fun, challenging workouts.  We offer nutrition programs as an extra benefit to improve all around health.  

Personal training

If you are hesitant to drop in to a group class, personal training sessions are available to build confidence, get stronger, lose body fat, and improve overall quality of life. 


We offer personalized meal plans and nutrition coaching 1-on1 to get your nutrition correct to fuel your body’s needs.   We also offer premade meals for your busy lifestyle. 

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Your First Class is on Us

No pressure class to try out and see if this is what your looking for.  All classes are welcoming, so no need to be intimidated.  We offer fundamental training to get everyone on the same level .




    Gym H0urs

    Monday-Friday: 5am – 7:30pm

    Saturday: 10am

    Sunday: 11am

    Free 1 day trial class